Product code:DC

High× Wide:




Product type:

2TS(Square corners door)

2TR(2 Top Round corners door)

4R(4 Round corners door)

Hinge position:

L(Left Hinge)

R(Right Hinge)

Installation direction:

LS(Installed on the Left side of caravan,suitable for Right rudder caravan)

RS(Installed on the Right side of caravan,suitable for Left rudder caravan)




Silver Grey

Special selection:

FP(Full laminated aluminum panel,no acrylic)

NV(No vent)

Optional accessory(needs to be ordered separately):

Decoration rubber seal


Other note:

I.Specification parameter

H/W:height /width of door fitting surface,unit:mm
Regular sizes: short delivery cycle, lower prices. Special sizes can be customized after discussing.

II.Product features and functions

● Frame &Panel: Powder coated high quality aluminum alloy.
● Color: White, black,silver grey,or customizable.
● Glass: Grey, single glazing acrylic panel, UV resistance.
● Security mesh: stainless 304 mesh8x11.
● Flyscreen: High strength fiberglass mesh.
● Vent: Labyrinth vent to prevent dust coming in.
● Door lock: 3-points electromotive pulling lock.
● Structure: Outer door and security door can be separated or joined together.
● Main functions: ventilate, insulate, allow sunlight in, prevent insects, and good water seal.Simple structured, easy installation and operatio.durable and reliable with many available sizes.

III.Main application

Caravan trailer .

IV.Fitting diagram

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Copyright(C)2010-2015 ,All Rights Reserved 京ICP备05080945号